Intelligent Immobilization Design

Rapid prototyping & Custom made

XKART is a totally customized product, made with Certified technical resins and created to the perfect extent of the affected limb, to offer the best possible support. Thus offering a perfect immobilization for the solidification of the fracture.

Instant & dynamic adjustability

One of the biggest challenges of this design was to create a viable 3D printed mechanism that offered both maximum structurality but also the possibility to choose the range of mobility desired in any moment. We achieve all of this with just a O-ring that supports the whole system.

Its organic and open morphology facilitates all types of cures carried out in an operative process but also ables physiotherapist to perform recoveries as Magnetotherapy, Electrotherapy without having to withdraw the immobilization.

Artificially Intelligent Crafted

Our client Xkelet, has developed a software capable of scanning any part of the body, taking out anthropometric data and building immobilization automatically, for its production in 3D printing technology.The software requires the use of a hardware consisting of a ToF camera scanner.