elarco collaborated with CARNET (Cooperative Automotive Research Network) to develop the scenario for the SEAT Autonomous Driving Challenge, which was held at the Smart City Expo 2017.

A distinctive element reinvented

The urban landscape design is rooted in the traditional element Trencadís. This model pays homage to the innovative spirit of Barcelona’s architecture and design history, by reinventing an already disruptive technique. A sharper and versatile version of Trencadís which draws an abstract skyline of the city.Translucent acrylic triangles, scattered on slender structures. The density of the buildings is strategically inverted, leaving the base empty thus facilitating the view of the race tracks.

Smart layout

The circuit layout is specifically designed to not interfere with the race tracks. All urban elements are placed within a security distance from the tracks, and they also leave enough room for the participants to pass through. Most of the iconic buildings and areas of Barcelona are represented and conceptualized in the scenery.

Traffic lights are dynamic and customizable to the needs of the circuit. They can be switched on and off through two different QR codes, and be visible for the participants and the public from any angle thanks to a 360º light on top of them.