T4F Kit

Assistive Products

A different way to see

Tech4freedom is on a mission to improve the autonomy of blind people through affordable technologies, by providing economic and social value to society. We worked in collaboration from the first concept until serial fabrication to create the company’s first family of products.

The TF4 kit is designed to enhance the everyday life of people with vision disabilities, providing key tools to navigate their daily environments.


A portable device fitted with sensors to obtain and analyze information from the surroundings and transmitting it to the user through his own Smartphone.The BOX one4all was designed to add comfort. Our goals as their design team were to bring T4F technology to a smart, easy and comfortable way of use.


The smallest product of the T4F family. Following the BOX line, the UFO is designed to have a perfect fit in hand and in small places such as pockets.A little device that can find people, define and areas of interest for the user. We worked hand in hand with the hardware team to create a unique interface housing where the electronics core fits in a beautiful way.