Camera T4F

Wearable Assistive Device

One of the most compact camera on the market

One of the most compact camera on the market. Wearable. All-in-one. No assembly needed. Designed for freedom.

Versatile, intuitive, compact.

The device is specifically designed to be mounted on any kind of glasses, which resolves the integration challenge. The design of the volume and finish lines are meant to create a subtle device which enhances the user experience without standing out.

The body has specific cuts to provide tactile inputs to the user, such as intuitive directions of use. The shape of the camera presents flat geometries on the lateral surfaces to prevent rolling displacements, facilitate button allocation and a better fit to the eyewear frame.


The light shows that the camera is a operational.


A main feature of the product, they add versatility and simplicity making this device portable and universal.

Lanyard Hole

The icing on the cake. The oldest and most effective resource, to turn a piece into a portable one.