elarco is interested in human values and emotions operating on multiple levels such as strategy, analysis, craft and eventually, solutions. Our design approach reaches its highest resolutive level when addressing problems where multiple spheres collide.

The following challenges are transnational in nature and trans-institutional in solution. They cannot be addressed by any government or institution alone. They are all individual investigations but end up merging at some point because they are often connected. We fight them all from both direct and indirect angles giving precise and tangible solutions for real cases and real people.

Assistive Design

The existing solutions provide low-quality feedback, are uncomfortable to use, and don't take into account other common handicaps such as obesity and old age.

Social Robotics

Todays main problem in current designs is that they fail in achiving being accept as social agents by humans and therefore not willing to interact with them.

Consumer Healthcare

There is a need to merge technology, culture and design approaches to find an efficient and desirable solution.

ecosystem as a philosophy

For us, the key for optimal and efficient design is the relationship we have with top universities, committed partners and resourceful organizations.To find the right solutions, the following professionals must work together: engineers, psychologists, designers, computer scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, scientists, amongst others.