Design consultancy.

elarco is not just a name, it's a whole approach to design.
Play our game and experience it for yourself.

Click the pieces of the arch in the right order.


noun ˈôrdər/

"Our rationale behind every methodology. Everything has an order, and in order we find everything."

Align all arches.


noun depTH/

"A drive to go beyond boundaries, to expose in detail every layer of the process. Simple on the eye, complex as a whole."

Get the arch into the right position.


noun ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSH(ə)n/

"Intuition is our compass to forsee, to step forward. An internal insight as a guide."

Founded in 2015, elarco is led by partners Adrià Arnaste and Narcís Codina.We offer design solutions for all kind of organizations with a focus in entrepreneurs and startups through a flexible and adaptable human approach. Our qualified team provide solid expertise in product design, engineering, user experience, research and strategy.

we do things

we do them right

Our core team excels in ideation & conceptualization phases. This provides us with great competitiveness when creating the most viable, human-centred and optimal solution to a problem.

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We understand design as a 360º discipline, always putting the user first. To find the right answer, we have to make the right questions.

Research & Strategy

Find your target market. Know your consumer. Work for them.


Create the right product, the most optimal solution for a problem.


Build with the ideal technology, and the right structural fit.

we ask the difficult questions

we don't stop until we get them

One of our main traits as a design consultancy is that we carry out our own lines of investigation within societal transcendent fields.

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