MKplayer 360

MadKameleon Player360 is the first compact player-projector in the world conceived to display immersive 360º content in real spaces, without using VR glasses. It only needs an electric supply for its installation. It uses projection technologies, electronics and software as well as 360º audiovisual production to create its own system, which is able to transform any space in real time.

Wherever you want to be

Connectivity & Interactivity

Through a smartphone app, the user has the capacity to interact with the environment and the content in the MK-Cloud. Media content is mixed with generative content in real time, coming from different Internet sources and from each user’s networks

“All-in-One” & “Plug-and-Play”

It looks like a compact device, with soft textil customizable touch, similar in size to a floor speaker, movable and conceived with the idea of being an “all-in-one” and “plug-and-play” product.